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Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz
Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused - Beard Goonz

Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused

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Protection against life.

From the moment you stare in the mirror in the morning, to the moment you lay your head down for the night, the ambient environment around you is working all day to undo the grooming routine you have in place. Pulling shirts on & off, wind, sun, and even your pillow case will all cause breakage if not properly guarded against. That's where we come in. After you apply our Signature Beard oil to damp hair(best after a shower or steam session), Beard Goonz Signature Beard Balm is going to hold it all in and let it go to work. Acts as a humectant to retain moisture & improve softness, meanwhile acting as an emollient to draw in moisture to ensure you're never looking dry & brittle. Only pure essential oils used instead of fragrance oils, which often contain alcohol. Do yourself a solid, and let this semi-solid do for you what it does best: cultivate badass beards. Light to medium hold.

Mojito Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedSicario. Move in silence with nothing but a trace when you're gone. This blend of Vetiver & Bergamot with high notes of Juniper Berry will vouch for you before you or anyone else has the chance.

Mojito Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedFinesse. Crisp & invigorating, this blend anchored by Cypress with additions of Palmarosa, Orange & Red Grapefruit will cement your drip with a blend sure to catch the focus of anyone in your kinesphere.

Mojito Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedNarco. It's 24/7 when you're at the top, but the top has it's perks. This blend or Turmeric & Ginger with hints of Sandalwood match seamlessly with a suit or a throwback jersey. Own the night.

Mojito Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedMojito. Like 1 a.m. on Ocean Drive. A Caribbean blend of mint and citrus high notes will make you think the waiter just brought your drink at your favorite patio on South Beach. #yatusabes

Lemongrass Eucalyptus Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedLemongrass Eucalyptus. A remarkable lemongrass essence grasps the senses, sneaking in the soothing scent of eucalyptus. Invigorating & awakening to the senses, so it's great for mornings and boring meetings at work.

Citrus Cedarwood Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedCitrus Cedarwood. A calming cedarwood essence fortified by citrus high notes, designed to give the husky smell that you're used to a bright high note that will take you by surprise.

Green Light Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | Infused | Vegan FriendlyGreen Light. Completely vegan formula with a slightly different profile. Tamanu oil lends it's vitamin rich resume to the formula, while a synergy of mint & eucalyptus gather and calm the senses. With a hint of bergamot to add a crisp finish.

Ginger Citrus Mint Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedGinger Citrus Mint. Our newest addition to our smell profiles. Warm citrus engages the senses in this powerful blend. Grounded by a hint of mint, it allows the ginger to really come through and captivate. It's good in the office, but great for a night out as the powerful ginger essence is considered by many a mild aphrodisiac.

Straight Up (Unscented) Signature Beard Balm | 2 oz | InfusedStraight Up. If you love our Signature Blends, but rather let your pheremones do the talking, this one's for you. Get all the benefits, and choose a smell later or go au naturale. Unscented, if you hadn't caught that by now.


Take a quick look at how the ingredients in our Signature Blends play their parts to get you the beard goals you want:

African Shea Butter. The concentration of natural vitamins & fatty acids make it incredibly nourishing & moisturizing. Helps relieve dandruff and excessive oil production by the skin glands, and seals in essential vitamins & minerals.

Organic Beeswax. Not only moisturizes & smooths hair, beeswax also creates a barrier to stop moisture loss to get the most out of our signature blends. Also used to naturally stimulate hair growth. Not in Green Light.

Carnauba Wax. Used as an emulsifier to blend other natural oils & butters. Known also as Brazil wax or palm wax, carnauba is among the more dense of vegetable waxes, and helps aid in moisture retention. Only in Green Light.

Golden Jojoba. Chosen as a carrier for it's genetic similarities to human hair. The similarities allow the blend to penetrate more deeply, and work on your follicles from the inside out.

Jamaican Black Castor. Stops the spread of bacteria. Antibacterial & anti-fungal, this vitamin rich oil aids in keeping your beard clean, which is paramount for any healthy growth environment.

Moroccan Argan. Heat & bad habits have done a number on your face mane, and Argan is going to fix it. Rich in natural phenols, this vitamin rich oil will repair what life has done, and not only promotes hair growth, but also helps you grow healthy, thick looking hair.

Australian Emu.Emu oil is made of approxamiately 70% fatty acids, a combination of Omega 3, 6 & 9s. Anti-oxidant, and high in vitamins A & E. Not present in Green Light.

Hemp Extract. Fatty acids omega 3, 6 & 9...everyone knows fatty acids are the building blocks for protein, and protein is the building block for GAINZ. Anti-psoriasis agent. Anti-microbial. Emollient. The perfect addition to your beard grooming routine that you never knew you were missing.


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