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Beard Goonz | About Us

Beard Goonz is the unique evolution of a time honored respect dedicated to aesthetics. 

 Man Behind the Magic - Kindle G

     My name is Gerard Kindle, and I am the the creator of Beard Goonz. I've been on my own beard journey for what feels like forever, but it's actually been just over three years now. It didn't take me long to realize how different the process would be to grow a beard than it would be to grow traditional head hair. From barbers who were not experienced in the tonsorial art of beards and/or ethnic hair, to products so full of chemicals & alcohol that they actually do more damage than anything else, I felt like the world was against me.

     After countless beard grooming brands working only for a few weeks(or less), I began to do my own research to help me where I felt as if others let me down. I found that so many of the ingredients put into products that we use everyday are there just to fill or to make the products feel creamier in our hands or to make them last longer on store shelves. I found that alcohol and sulfates were basically cancelling out the hydrative properties of the other ingredients, so I was getting the results equivalent to basically doing nothing.

     Armed with the knowledge, I began to produce my own products with signature formulas I created through trial & error. The results were so amazing, that men & women both would stop me to compliment my beard and ask what I was doing that they were not. That evolved into tips, and gifting small batches to friends & family. I received such an overwhelming response that I basically had no choice except to spread the fruits of my labor.

   Beard Goonz consider ourselves pioneers in our field, and we want to bring you with us on the journey for the culture. We're turning good and great beards into badass beards, and we're leaving #noStrandLeftBehind

-Kindle G

Passionate about evolving the culture of beard care & grooming. We are our brothers' keeper.