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Exfoliant Salt Scrub | Infused - Beard Goonz
Exfoliant Salt Scrub | Infused - Beard Goonz

Exfoliant Salt Scrub | Infused

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You can put it anywhere.

Our all new Exfoliant Salt Scrub is the perfect blend of natural ingredients synergy & aromatherapy. The base blend of Dead Sea & Himalayan salts gently strip dead skin while our signature blend of natural oils moisturizes and rejuvenates skin leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Strong enough for feet and body...gentle enough for hands & face. You finally have the ability to exfoliate and lightly scrub away dead skin cells without stripping vital moisture.

Take a quick look at how the ingredients in our Signature Blends play their parts to get you the beard goals you want:

Himalayan Pink Salt.  Packed with over 80 minerals & elements to help reduce acidity & inflammation, also helps to balance pH, increases blood circulation and improves the look & feel of your skin. Also winning on helping your skin to retain moisture, perfect quality for a face & body scrub.

Dead Sea Salt. Refined to the perfect texture and coarseness to gently peel away dead skin cells without stripping live skin cells. Antiseptic qualities kill bacteria and reduce inflammation caused by certain skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. Strengthens skin tissue, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins & helps to balance the skin's natural pH levels. Re-hydrates the skin & restores depleted minerals.

Manuka Honey. Where do we start? It's anti-inflammatory works to decrease local inflammation. Antibacterial properties get rid of bacteria(Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus & Clostridium) known to infect pores & cause acne. Proven most effective in treating infected wounds, burns, eczema & other skin problems.

Coconut oil. Reduces inflammation, keeping skin moisturized. Medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil also posses antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne & psoriasis, and protect the skin from harmful bacteria.



Hemp Extract. Fatty acids omega 3, 6 & 9...everyone knows fatty acids are the building blocks for protein, and protein is the building block for GAINZ. Anti-psoriasis agent. Anti-microbial. Emollient. The perfect addition to your beard grooming routine that you never knew you were missing.

 Sea Buckthorn Extract. Excellent for sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling & redness associated with many skin conditions including eczema psoriasis & rosacea.

Maracuja Extract. Ideal for soothing dry, flaky skin. Linoleic acid keeps skin moisturized, while protective antioxidants such as lycopene battle the effects of sun damage, pollution and other environmental stressors.