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Wrap Up Your Winter In Style

As we look towards the warmer months ahead, don't forget to finish your winter strong with a few tips to keep your face mane in the "beard envy" category. Read more below.

What does winter have to do with my beard?


Everything. That’s why we’re here to school you with a few tips to keep that face mane in primo condition all winter long. Spring’s notorious for exposing poor cold weather maintenance habits, but there’s no chance you’ll end up in that category. Trust the process. Stick with the M.O.B. method and the tips we’ve compiled below, and you’ll be steps ahead of the game.


  • MOISTURIZED, BUT NEVER DAMP. Dropping temperatures don’t negate the fact that moisture is the cornerstone to any proper routine. The problem with that happens to be that leaving damp hair unprotected & exposed to the weather means your follicles can be damaged by cold, air, etc permeating into otherwise protected areas. The solution for this one is easy. Just make sure your beard isn’t damp. If you have recently applied beard oil, might be a good idea to add a light seal of a semi-solid(a balm is great for this).
  • PROTECTION IS KEY. No matter what your beard care regimen entails, when the weather drops you should definitely have a plan to combat near-freezing and sub-freezing temperatures. Life doesn’t stop, so that means work, events and holiday get togethers will still be in full effect. Nothing worse than checking yourself in the mirror before you leave the house, and end up looking completely different by the time you get where you’re going. The important part here is protection. If you’re primarily an oil guy, then you may have your own particular reasons for not usually wearing balm. We’d like you to consider a few things before you swear off balm altogether. First, evaporation occurs even at lower temperatures. This means that any exposed moisture(including precipitation) will be subject to drying. At some point, all your moisture will have been evaporated, and your beard will essentially be the same as if you had used no products at all. A semi-solid, even a very light coat, is going to create a barrier between your beard and the ambient environment so that evaporation does not occur, and the precipitation will not be able to mangle your style.
  • WHO DOESN’T LOVE SNOW? If you’re lucky, your cold weather is coupled with ample amounts of light, fluffly snow that makes all the cold worth it. If you’re not so lucky, you get to experience a lot of drizzle, hail and freezing rain. In either of these cases, especially the latter, precipitation will settle on your beard, melt because of your body temperature, and then basically rinse out whatever oils are in your beard. This means whatever quality beard oil that you’ve spent your hard earned money for AND your hair’s natural oils. So again in this situation, you check the mirror before you leave the house, and before you can get all the way in your Uber, half your beard products are running down your beard. What’s the fix for this? I know we sound repetitive, but a light coat of balm serves a few purposes here. It will of course seal in your beard oil and the benefits that come with it. It will also coat your beard hairs while conditioning, so any rain, sleet or snow that lands on your beard will bead & and run ff more easily, instead of soaking in and mixing in with the good stuff. CBD in itself is a natural emollient and occlusive agent. This means it not only helps smooth and soften, it also provides a layer of protection that helps prevent moisture loss.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST…GO EASY ON THE ARTIFICIAL HEAT. So this one is a hard one. I know I’m gonna lose some of you here, but you GOTTA lay off so much of the blow dryers and hot comb variations. Any time you add heat, especially artificial heat directly to the hair, it breaks down the protective area and cuticle. If you’re going to go with a blow dryer, I highly suggest a negative ion dryer. These break up water molecules to dry hair faster, but also seal the cuticle to cut down on frizz and flyaways. You may, however, lose out on a little bit of volume, so pick your poison. Positive ion dryers open the cuticle to add volume to finer hair types. Dryers, press combs, flat combs, and iron variations will definitely do what you want them to do: dry wet hair, or make hair more pliable while styling. Mission complete…or is it? You get the short term benefit of what you’re trying to accomplish in the moment. Too much of this will definitely leave you regretting your past decisions in the near future. This type of styling can lead to weakening of the individual strands, breakage, and what some beardos have come to refer to as “terminal length”. Truth is, hair & fingernails start growing before we take our first breathe, and continue to do so until after we take our last. Beard hair does not traditionally reach a terminal length. What is more likely is that the nutrient distribution may not reach the ends of the strands as easily as they are fed around the base, so in turn this portion of your beard is not as strong as hairs near the base. Behavior is also criminal here as it pertains to beards. If you’re on your phone, you’ve probably got your chin almost on your chest while your scrolling. This means that the bottom of your beard is resting possibly on a cotton shirt. So now that you noticed, you of course raised your head up. In doing so, you created friction between the shirt & the hairs making contact. These hairs can now become electrically charged, and static is beard suicide. These hairs can also get caught up in imperfections and just flat get ripped out, or at least end up with a split end. Once you get a split end, cutting back to healthy hair is the only way to keep the split from continuing with the growth of the hair. This is also true for all outer wear(sweaters, scarves, etc). So by all means, bundle up, but be mindful of protecting what comes into contact with clothing.


Winter is hard, but no where near impossible. Nothing is bulletproof, but so long as you got something from this that you maybe hadn’t already considered, you’re slightly more prepared than you were before. Progress. Take the tips, stick to the script, and trust the process. To make it just a little bit easier, all our infused grooming products are Buy 2, Get 1 Free while supplies last.