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The M.O.B. Method

How do I use balms & oils?

With all the research I've done to create an amazing line of natural beard grooming products, the process behind application and forming a solid beard grooming routine sometimes becomes an afterthought. I'm going to reiterate it to myself as much as I'll be breaking it down for you. Vibe with me...

Method to the madness. have your favorite oil, and the balm to match. Now what? Follow these 3 easy steps to get the most out of your products, and get in the game.

MOISTURE. Even the best blend of moisturizers is only part of the equation. These ingredients work in conjunction with water. So before you crack open the products, add water. Some brands add it to their mix, but we save room for the good stuff. For this application, less is more. Only use enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and distribute evenly just to get it moist. Works even better if your grooming routine is addressed right out of the shower.

OIL. Oil is the major contributor in the moisture process. Every beard oil uses a carrier oil to deliver vitamins and nutrients to your beard & face. Carrier oils that have a more similar molecular structure to hair are more easily absorbed by the beard, and therefore reap more benefits of the ingredients being "carried." One dropper is plenty for an application. A few drops to the skin level, then massage it in. This has a dual benefit, by distributing the oil evenly across the skin level & that massage is said to stimulate follicle growth. The rest of the dropper is for the beard. If you have a massive beard (5+ inches), feel free to use a little extra to make sure you get it all. You can drop it in your hand & massage it in, apply directly to hair and massage/comb it in, or my method...apply to a wooden comb and comb through beard(I'll be doing a YouTube video soon to show the process, so stay tuned).

BALM. Balm is the power forward. The enforcer. Once the moisture & oil are in place, the balm is used to seal in all the essential fatty acids and vitamins that promote healthy growth so they don't get away. Our signature balm formula also acts as a humectant, so while sealing in moisture, it actually is working to pull in more moisture from the ambient environment. A nickel sized application will work for most beards. If you are in the aforementioned "massive" category, use a slightly larger portion. Rub the balm between your palms until it's evenly distributed and begins to warm. Rub lightly over the top of beard, making sure not forget the underside. Continue to rub it in until it's blended into the beard.


This is an older post from our email publication, but good reminders for everyday use.


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  • I have all three items how much for the comb&brush?

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