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Bearding & the New Norm | Beard Goonz

It’s Friday night…or Tuesday morning…okay, we have no idea what day it is.


Not gonna lie, there’s no solid way to tell what day it is anymore without looking down at your phone. Some of you may be lucky enough to be working from home(lucky bastards). You may be the most adept among us at being able to follow the Ceasarian calendar. For the rest of us, the kids are home everyday, and if you’re fortunate enough to be working outside the house, the concept of a 9-5 is probably now slightly skewed. If you’ve been taking this time to continue or correct your eating habits, kudos to you. If you’ve been training without the aid of the gym amidst all this, you’re a model of structure and discipline.

I will be the first to tell you…I have been mildly productive at best, and this dad bod is in full effect.

Stay six feet away from everybody. Half full restaurants. Wear a mask. Video chat with older family members….this is a period of time unlike any other that we’ve experienced in this generation, and hopefully the only. People who have been conditioned to moving nonstop have been brought to a screeching halt. Folks that thrive off social interaction have been left at a severe disadvantage. Introverts couldn’t care less. In the middle of this, there you are...with your bad ass beard and no clue if tomorrow’s news will have zombies, sea creatures, or a combination thereof. What are you supposed to do to stay the master of your universe? Chill…we got you.

So by now, most of you are seeing local municipalities ease up on restrictions and giving people a bit of freedom to get out the house and get some fresh air. We were in quarantine long enough for beards/hair to become an issue, and it’s been almost it’s own hashtag on social media. 49% of us look like cavemen. 49% of us tried to succeed at a home hair cut and look like we went to Anthony Hamilton’s barber. The lucky 2%(mostly the barbers we’ve all been missing) have been keeping their fades tight & hairline crispy, and making sure we all know on social media. Nobody cares, bro. We’re a different people now. LOL

The key here is hoping that the time has been well spent, on any number of levels. Not all of us could use this time to stack savings or get super fit or clean out the garage. Several among us have life coming at us everyday, and it’s a struggle to just be prepared for the next day. That’s completely okay. Not everyone will come out of this with a side hustle, or a new meal prep plan…and that’s okay too. As long as at some point in time during all this you sat down and had a silent moment of reflection, you won. With being conditioned to being on the move constantly, we rarely have the opportunity to truly reflect on who we are and what we are. A few minutes to yourself every once in a while does wonders for the psyche. In a conversation I had with a friend, I was telling him that I wished I had some more cash to throw at this historical stock market dip, and the only question he asked me was, “did you jog today?” It kinda struck me as odd until he explained himself. He went on to say that all the forward thinking as it pertains to finances means next to nothing if you end up spending your small fortune to care for preventable health issues later in life. That struck me as very interesting. I had an idea, and I was so focused that I didn’t even consider the bigger picture: retirement wealth means much less if my health doesn’t match my portfolio.


With that conversation being the beacon, let’s take this time to reset, and think about things that are important to us, but we rarely purposely take time to consider the long term effects our of choices because we’re so busy sticking to our plan. If you saved a little bit, great. If you cleaned out the garage, awesome. But just remember, at some point in the near future, most of us will be back to some semblance of regular life. Let us not forget the thoughts that occupied our minds while we were locked down. Bake it instead of frying it a few times a week. Take the stairs. Stop being a lazy shit and actually work out when you say you will. Figure out if you can stomach kale or not before you just count it out.


And as soon as it’s safe, please for the love of all things positive for the rest of 2020, please go get the caveman look exterminated. Unless of course quarantine helped you decide that you want to live your life as a hippie, in which case, carry on.

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